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 Ignorance Loves Treachery

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PostSubject: Ignorance Loves Treachery   Fri Feb 03, 2012 9:07 pm

Here is another way Sable Point Apartments can be rid of you and at the same time take whatever rights you may have.
You as a tenant will receive what is called, " Civil Summons: Wrongful Occupation of Residential Rental Property or Factory- Built Home Site". What comes with this Civil Summons is, Your name, your address, The case number, The date and time you must appear in court. That is all you get and let us not forget the court rules of what you should do. So far so good. That's what you think. Now get a load of this crap.
Now, the Magistrate Court gets what is called; "Petition for Summary Relief: Wrongful Occupation of Residential Property". Here is how this works. While you get no information on why the management wants to get you out
of your apartment. Even if you are a mother with (3) childern or (2) childern it does not matter because this sweet person of a landlord still wants your ass with your kids on the street.
Back to this Summary Relief crap. Let us see just what comes with this one.
Your name, Your address, your phone number if one is there, and any information that is needed to sock it to you when you get in the courtroom. All the information goes to the court not you. Plus they want you to pay for all court fees. Do you really have a chance when you walk into the courtroom? Sable Point Has been going after some of the wrong people so far. Because they get their information from a god-damn garbage man. Yes this is how they are evicking people. Filling the reports with redundant fabrications. Go Sable Point Apartments.
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Ignorance Loves Treachery
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