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 Inefficient authority or bureaucracy in the school system

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Watcher 123

Watcher 123

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PostSubject: Inefficient authority or bureaucracy in the school system   Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:43 pm

Let us start this way.

This is about Authority and why we question it. What goes on in this school is

one of the reasons why we do ask questions. This Principal Bruce McGrew and this

so called teacher Craig Snyder.

We question people like these two because we try to stop them from being

power hungry. Yes they are being abusive to the students in their school. I just

can't believe that they are getting away with this shit. What I can't understand is we have laws

that stop some one from doing things like this and they are getting away with it.

These kids do have rights and so do the parents. How did this get this far?

Inefficient authority or bureaucracy is the equivalent of dealing with a little child. These two are

really hiding something and sooner or later if looked into it will be found.

Why does a Principal and teacher of a school want students to crap and pee in their pants.

What is wrong with these two power hungry fools. I don't really have a problem with authority

unless it's bad authority. This is bad athority. As far as I am concerned. They should not

be teaching in the schools. They are corrupting the students. I have to think about this one

and look up something before I come back on here. I will be back.

It looks like I will have to put on a trusty six-shooter and head for a duel at the ok corral
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Inefficient authority or bureaucracy in the school system
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