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 CAMC Teays Valley- can someone help me?!

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CAMC Teays Valley- can someone help me?!  Empty
PostSubject: CAMC Teays Valley- can someone help me?!    CAMC Teays Valley- can someone help me?!  Icon_minitimeFri Sep 07, 2012 10:44 pm

On September 6,2012 my husbands grandmother went to her DR for having SOB (shortness of breath) He sent her to CAMC in teays valley to run tests to see if there was a possible blood clot or any sort of blockage contributing to the shortness of breath. Needless to say when the MA took her vitals her BP (blood pressure) was high and her OX (oxygen) level was low. Now, they did not tell her what her vitals were. They did a CT(cat) scan to try to find blockage or a clot. Now her DR made a written order to do these procedures. A written order is what the DR will put down on a prescription pad to tell the tech what tests he wants done. To continue, she apparently had a terrible reaction to the dye they injected into her to run the CT scan. After she was completely loopy and oblivious to anything and everything. It lasted maybe 10 minutes. Now, may I mention this. They witnessed her reaction to the dye and did not bother to give her an IV (Infusion Therapy) to deliver fluids to her body to help meet the reaction. Her face and lips turned very pale. She was not feeling well at all. With her OX level being low and her being there for SOB wouldn't any DR, MA, CNA, RN, LPN, or even a PA have the common sense to put her on an oxygen tank to help her breathe? Well, they did not. They didn't feel the need to admitt her either. Now I know she was only there for tests, but anyone in the right state of mind with a brain would have put her on OX. When a patient is having SOB with elevated BP and low OX levels that is meaning the blood is not flowing as it is supposed to. I know for a fact they should have put her on 1 liter of OX to bring her level up or give her a nitroglycerin tablet to help her BP level stay somewhat stable. THEY DID NOT DO THIS. THEY SENT HER HOME AFTER TESTING!!!!! Now, may I ask WHAT THE FUCk happened? Am I wrong to feel the way I do? Even if a patient is sent to the hospital for testing, if the hospital notices an issue or witnesses an issue first hand, they should take care of the situation. Lives aren't to be played with. I'm very upset with this situation. Today September 7,2012 the results were sent to her DR. Why they couldn't go over the results with her is beyond me. I understand a Radiologist(person who study's radiology) has to sign off on the report. But the techs make the report. There are no clots or blockages THANK GOD. She had a bladder lift about a month ago, as she stayed in a different hospital(not sure which one) over night the nurses had stated her OX level was dropping in her sleep. Why wouldn't they handle this situation when it occurred? Well now she has to do a polysomnogram (sleep study). They are thinking it is sleep apnea. That is abnormal pauses in breathing or instances of abnormally low breathing during sleep. Each pause in breathing is called an apnea it can last from a few seconds to minutes, and it may even occur 5 to 30 times or more an hour. Each abnormally low breathing event is called a hypopnea. Why isn't anyone doing there job? Can someone help me? I'm not trying to sound like a smart allic, I'm just defing terms and abbreviations just so everyone knows and understands what I mean. Thank you for listening.
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13 El Diavolo M

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CAMC Teays Valley- can someone help me?!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: CAMC Teays Valley- can someone help me?!    CAMC Teays Valley- can someone help me?!  Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 10:25 am

Princess, I would not send my dead dog to that fucking place.

That is nothing but a death trap for anyone that goes there.

You are not going to get help from anyone because there is

nothing anyone can do. I have seen more shit in that

dirty hell hole than anyplace else.

I hope that the woman is alright now.

But if you have anything to say about it, just don't let

her go there again.
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CAMC Teays Valley- can someone help me?!
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